Speaker Bio

Richard Larsen

Former Vice President, Facilities, Honeyville Inc.

Richard Larsen is a former facilities vice president at Honeyville Food Products. He is currently a coach with the FSO Institute focusing on improving the manufacturing health of food and beverage companies. Honeyville Food Products consists of multiple manufacturing divisions, e-commerce distribution, and retail outlets, and is recognized as a major resource to the food industry. Larsen has been in the food industry for more than 40 years. His background in manufacturing, accounting, marketing, and economics set the stage for his experience at the executive level to oversee company asset management, asset development, and implementation of company infrastructure growth and expansion.

At Honeyville, Larsen was involved with the development and growth of the company from a small pet food mill in the mid ‘70's to its present status as a major supplier of food ingredients and shelf-ready products to business and to the retail industry both domestically and globally. His core strengths are in the development of simple to fully automated systems in milling, blending, line manufacturing, packaging, distribution, e-commerce, and retail operations. His responsibilities involved working with the board, corporate management, division management, sales, and marketing to meet customer, food safety, and regulatory requirements.